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Xavier Rubio Franch
CEO & Founder of Old Surfer | President of Foundation for Sustainable Consumption, Inc.

Old Surfer_

Connecting leaders of change, is what powers change.

Xavier Rubio Franch is the CEO and Founder of @OldSurfer, a change agency specialized in connecting sustainability with companies, institutions and brands, with a very clear objective to move from storytelling to storydoing.

He is also President of the Foundation for Sustainable Consumption. It is a US foundation that works to achieve sustainable behavioral changes from consumers.

But above all else, he is a surfer and knows better than anyone that no two waves are alike. That's why his daughter is named Ona (sea wave in Catalan). Due to that connection with the sea, he lives in Miami and works with clients from all over the world because, as he says, who knows all the nooks and crannies in the oceans.

Xavier and Old Surfer are part of Ocean Connections, leaders of sustainable change on board the world's first community of action for the oceans.