Ocean Day 2020


Our mission is to generate positive change on the most important sustainability issues. On World Ocean Day, we at Old Surfer, created a video to raise awareness about caring for the ocean.

With only 10 organic publications of We Were Fish, we reached 15,000,000 people and 50 influencers from 10 countries shared the video.

We reached main influencers in sustainability and circular economy. #WeWereFish became relevant in World Ocean Day conversations, trending topic in Mexico and Argentina.

We tripled our followers on social media.

We Were Fish is still the top Google and Youtube search result.

All 100% organically.


In our mission to generate positive changes around the main problems of sustainability, we set ourselves the challenge of giving visibility to Ocean Day on the annual and global agenda. We wanted to give this day its own weight and relevance among the great dates that traditionally unite us in a universal way.


Old Surfer created a video with a simple and high-impact message, essential ingredients to make it viral and raise awareness about the importance of caring for our oceans.



In Google and Youtube search


It was a local trend in countries like Mexico, Spain and Argentina


Made with 100% organic content

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